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When done internally, healthcare transcription can be an expensive and time-consuming operation.

Healthcare facilities with the constant pressure to upgrade their systems, equipment, etc are under continual pressure of cost-cutting.

Finding good quality reliable medical transcriptionists is in itself a challenging task, not to mention the high costs that go into the same. That said, outsourcing the medical transcription work can deal with the situation more economically. Various trusted, reliable as well as low-cost medical transcription companies are available to cater to this growing need of hospitals and medical premises. Outsourcing the monumental medical transcription work to a reliable partner agency is one way to reduce the costs without compromising on the quality.

That said, large and small medical institutions often lack the clarity on the relevance of these services to cut costs as well as their implementation mechanism.

How does outsourcing save money?

Medical transcription being a highly specialized sector requires a high level of skill sets which comes at a fair price. More often than not, considering the bulk of transcription work that most institutes need, the requirement for hiring large teams of medical transcriptionists becomes a necessity. However, specialized companies are often competent to offer low- cost medical transcription services owing to the fact that they have experienced team of professionals hired at more economical prices as compared to direct hiring.

Further, running an entire workload of transcription using in-house equipment and infrastructure is particularly expensive. Outsourcing the same to a reputed company can get you effective and yet low- cost medical transcription work without having to invest in equipment, infrastructure, internet- based data systems, and the supporting IT infrastructure. And that’s a wonderful proposition when the doctors and other medical practitioners can receive secure transcription records on their personal computer systems at a super quick turnaround time.

Further, outsourcing medical transcription work saves you the need for hiring additional manpower. You’re simply required to pay for the services that you order and do not end up paying monthly salaries or catering to the insurance and other needs that come with regular full- time staff.

And finally, time is money too! Saving on the precious time of medical practitioners and hospital staff when outsourcing the medical transcription work in itself defines a more cost- efficient


Healthcare professionals play a critical role in promoting health, preventing diseases, and deliver health care services to individuals, families, as well as communities. However, if, as a medical practitioner, you have to spend the working hours in managing administrative work, you cannot enjoy a productive day as it takes you away from your core work. Hiring a prominent medical transcription service provider can help you protect your patient time and deliver the best quality care.

In order to streamline and improve access to information, medical professionals are required to maintain Electronic Health Record (EHR) documentation. However, juggling between the two works not only prevents you from doing what you are good at but also hampers your performance.

Medical transcription importance

There are a number of medical transcription companies that offer the services of their hired transcribing experts to assist medical professionals in keeping all the relevant information electronically. When it comes to finding low cost medical transcription, Indian companies can offer significant benefits in the long run. Here’re the key reasons to hire the medical transcription services.

Low cost: Medical transcription service providers in India offer reasonably priced transcription services in comparison with other countries. Generally, you may have to pay a hefty amount to get the verbal medical notes transcribed in high-quality text format; however, you can save those bucks for something more important by hiring the low cost medical transcription services from Indian companies.

Ease of access: Hiring the services of skilled transcription service providers helps in referring the transcribed documents for future reference. In the healthcare industry, there can be different healthcare professionals involved in a medical case, which requires all of them to go through the patient’s medical history, diagnosis, and treatment with ease. Whether you have audio and videos speeches for research interviews, medical history, or discharge summaries, you can get it all transcribed from the transcribing experts for ease of access to medical documents.

Accuracy and timely delivery: If you hire the services from well-established medical transcription companies, you can expect to get transcription records with utmost accuracy. As these experts have rich expertise in the industry, they can deliver transcribed documents within the stipulated time.

Outsourcing medical transcription work has become the most viable topic in the healthcare industry. When delivered accurately, quickly, and within a stipulated timeframe, medical transcription can be equally hassle-free and productive for numerous healthcare professionals. From licensed clinicians to hospital executives, find outsource medical transcription services an easy and time-saving option.

Nowadays, medical practitioners and hospitals take help of outsourced transcriptionists to address their voice to text needs that should be done in a cost-effective manner. The major objective of outsourcing is to ensure the swift turnover while preserving productivity, efficiency, and the quality work being delivered at lower expenses. Thus, it is important for you to hire low-cost medical transcription services for all the medical transcription works.

  • Minimize Efforts and Expenses

In-house medical transcription can be a budget-draining and difficult process that can leave healthcare industry in a serious bind. Transcripts play a crucial role in medical documentation, however, hiring an experienced, full-time transcriptionist means paying for a high salary and any additional help that may be required.

By hiring professional medical transcription outsourcing services, you will only pay for the transcripts being produced, and not for any additional expenses that come with an in-house resource. In addition, the management will be free to focus on other important priorities and leave the transcription specifics to their medical transcription partner.

  • Make Data More Accessible

There are several reasons to have your medical documentation transcribed, but the most essential reason is the ability for the personnel to be able to search digitally what they need, at any given time. Medical transcription takes recorded video and audio files and transforms the speech to easy-to-index digital text, so that information remains accessible to those that need it.  Also, it is important to hire budget-friendly or low-cost medical transcription services to avoid any delay in the delivery due to other critical work at hand.

  • Attain Accurate and Timely Reports

Choosing qualified medical transcription outsourcing providers that employ well-trained medical transcriptionists is the most essential step in saving time, efforts, and money. These providers take advantage of a unique, proprietary multi-step review procedure of your transcribed data ensuring the highest quality transcript delivery every time.

Amalgamating speech technology with specialized medical transcriptionists who understand your specific medical terminology, professional outsource medical transcription services provide you with the most accurate transcripts.

Medical transcription is an integral part of the medical profession because it makes it very convenient for the physicians and doctors or medical centers to maintain a complete written record of all their patients. It is time consuming and almost impossible for doctors to write up all the details of the patients they see. It is easier for them to make an audio recording of the symptoms, the diagnosis, the treatment etc. and then send it to specialist companies in India who will transcribe it and send it back at the shortest possible time. Outsourcing it to companies in India means low-cost medical transcription of almost 100% accuracy.

Importance Of Medical Transcription

Most of the companies that provide transcription assign clients a team of transcribers and an editor to work on their particular account every day. This is a good thing as the MTs will be familiar with the style of dictation and what the client requires and this will lead to less errors. There is no doubt that the files that are transcribed are further edited and proof-read and only then sent back to the client. Accuracy is an important factor as treatment and care of patients are based on these very records that are kept safely in the office of the doctors, or nursing homes or medical practice. Medical professionals are also expected by law to maintain a complete record of their patients. This is useful especially when for some reason the doctor may be accused of providing the wrong treatment. Outsourcing to India means good quality but low-cost medical transcription.

Medical Transcription And Insurance

Accurate information is also a requirement for insurance transcription services. Insurance companies ask for a lot of information and details when a patient goes to make a claim. They go through the entire health records and reports of the patient that are expected to be maintained, before any claims are settled. We can now see why medical transcription is so essential to the medical profession.

Medical transcription forms an integral part of the healthcare industry. Physicians, surgeons, multi-specialty hospitals, and clinical labs all require expert transcription services. The increasing demand and legal compulsion to maintain proper and comprehensive health records of patients have led to the mushrooming of many transcription agencies. Hospitals and healthcare organizations in the US and European countries prefer to outsource medical transcription to India or other Asian countries to get quality services at a low cost in a quick turnaround time.

However, low cost medical transcription service does not always mean that you will get quality service and outstanding results. Selecting a suitable transcription agency involves various factors to consider as mentioned here in:

  • Reliability and experience level

When selecting a medical transcription agency, you need to check out the number of years the agency has been in the business. The more the years of experience it has, the more reliable it would be that makes it a preferred choice.

  • Reviews or Clients’ testimonials

Online reviews posted by the clients or their testimonials provide insights into the standard of quality of products and services as provided by the company. You should check the reviews or clients’ testimonials or ask for references from clients from the agency to get a detailed picture of the company’s services and quality.

  • Check Company’s privacy policy

Your medical transcription USA agency should be HIPPA compliant, which means that the agency follows proper security measures or guidelines and ensures that there is no leakage of crucial health records of patients. This maintains the privacy of the patients’ data and prevents any misuse of the same.

  • Quality Standard/Accuracy

The agency should guarantee above 99% accuracy that is very important for getting quality transcription services. The expert and experienced transcriptionists of a renowned agency provide high quality and accurate transcription service that caters to the needs of doctors, surgeons and hospitals and enable them to meet their objectives.

  • Evaluate their customer service

Before zeroing in on a suitable low cost medical transcription agency, you need to check that the company provides excellent customer service, and can provide onsite service if needed. The transcription agency should be competent to provide customised solutions based on the nature and requirements of your practice. You should be able to get the best quote and all your queries resolved on time by experienced customer service representatives.

  • Updated and adopting new-age technology

With the advancements in the field of data transfer along with the storage solutions, your agency staffs should be updated with the latest technology. Besides lower cost, the other most important thing to check is your agency’s willingness to adopt technology for updating EHR system.

Hence, it can be safely said that considering the above-mentioned factors would help one select a reputed and experienced medical transcription USA agency that would fulfill one’s transcription needs in a comprehensive way.

With the ever-changing technology, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare practitioner make use of numerous electronic devices to record audio files in voice servers. Medical transcription services in the USA use those dictated voice files uploaded on the Internet to type them. The voice files mainly include office visits, emergency room visits, diagnostic imaging studies, patient’s health history, operations, chart reviews, final summaries, etc.

These dictated files are transcribed by the skilled and experienced medical transcriptionist into a word document and sent back electronically to the physician or the healthcare center. The physician will quickly examine the written document or file and will either approve or make changes before saving and storing the medical record of the patient. Unlike earlier, where the professionals of the medical record department of the hospital used to make handwritten notes for records, the approach now has gone digital. Many healthcare organizations are seeking the help of the medical transcription service providers, who can electronically store patient report safely in the database instead of coaching in-house department in the non-core tasks. These records are available immediately with system access at any point in time with no manual effort to check heap of written records.

The electronic health record system has been built with a voice recognition and dictation model, wherein the medical transcription services in USA can quickly find the voice record and transcribe in written form. The online medical transcription service providers offer affordable and most accurate services. Outsourcing not only helps physicians and healthcare centers in saving money but also time and effort. Physicians cannot spend countless hours in revising the notes again and again. By outsourcing to low-cost medical transcription companies, the manual operation of the work of businesses is reduced in no time.

The transcription companies offer services at a very competitive rate. They charge 6 cents per line with no startup or hidden charges. The professionals calculate the charges by analyzing the number of keystrokes in a document and dividing it by 65 to derive the line count. Apart from what is typed in the document, including font size and a number of pages is not included in the calculation. In addition to this, the medical transcription services in the USA act in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

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