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In the modern medical landscape, traditional prescription dictation is giving way to efficient online medical transcription services.

Hiring IME transcription services can make every doctor’s job easier by taking one major responsibility out of their hectic schedules—that is to maintain their patient’s health records. There are so many advantages of outsourcing these services to another company that understands the intricacies of the healthcare industry. Here are a few benefits of hiring skilled transcriptionists for the better functionality of your clinic or hospital:

1. Affordability

One of the prime advantages of hiring online medical transcription services from a good company is that their services would be very cost-effective. Some transcriptionists can also be willing to cater to your specific needs at no additional charge. Many of them prefer to work on a freelance basis—this will save more of your money. Outsourcing these services can also save a lot of your time; this will help you to focus on the other aspects of your business’s growth and expansion. You can also use that extra time for leisure purposes.

2. Easy access

Another advantage of hiring IME transcription services is that they are easily accessible. You can install a small app on your smartphone, dictate into it, and have the dictations transferred to their servers immediately. You can also use digital recorders to record dictations anytime or anywhere. Later, you can transfer your files to the company through their FTP site. Another way of accessing their services is through toll-free telephone dictation. You can dial into their 1-800 number, follow the interactive voice response menu, and record your dictation over the telephone when prompted.

3. Free trials

If you are unsure about whether or not you want to hire online medical transcription services for your clinic or hospital, you can check out the free trial option provided by some good transcription companies. These companies will help you navigate through any uncertainty or confusion that you may have. By experiencing a free trial for a short duration, you will be able to understand how these services can be useful for you in the long run.
In conclusion, you should consider hiring IME transcription services because they can make every doctor’s job easier. These services are very affordable and will also save your time. Additionally, it is possible to access them easily. Companies like Totalmed Transcription also provide a free trial for their online medical transcription services.

Psychiatry transcription is one of the solutions offered by a multi-specialty online medical transcription services provider. Read on to learn the specific challenges of this kind of transcription work and benefits of outsourcing to a reliable service provider.

Need for Confidentiality

Psychiatrists are medical professionals who diagnose patients for all kinds of mental illnesses and disorders. They are qualified doctors who are licensed to evaluate patients’ conditions and prescribe medications. As part of the evaluation process, they may recommend diagnostic procedures such as blood tests, MRI scans, CT scans, mental status evaluation, physical health examination etc. Psychiatry is one field where the security and confidentiality of patient information is paramount.

Need for Highly Accurate Transcription

Another challenge of psychiatry transcription is obtaining high level accuracy. Psychiatrists are required to maintain and use a wide variety of data contained in evaluation reports, clinical notes, letters, progress reports and forensic assessments to provide optimal patient care. Even the slightest mistake can derail treatment plan or worse, place the psychiatrist at risk of legal repercussions. Moreover, precise information needs to be fed into an EMR system for easy retrieval and perusal.

Solution for Data Security: HIPAA Compliance

A reliable online medical transcription services provider has solutions for all these challenges. The first challenge is overcome by following HIPAA compliance protocols and guidelines. Not all medical transcriptions offer HIPAA compliance and it’s important to double check with a company and make sure the company has IT as well as physical provisions to secure patient and client data. Apart from installing high-end encryption solutions and securing the premises where transcription work is carried out, reliable service providers also make employees sigh a confidentiality agreement.

Solution for Accuracy: Stringent QC

Reliable online medical transcription services providers employ experienced transcriptionists who have thorough understanding of psychiatric terminology. Their specialist transcriptions are adept at various sub-specialties such as addiction psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, learning disabilities among others. In addition, they have skilled editors who painstakingly review transcribed documents against original dictation as part of their quality check process and deliver 99% baseline accuracy.

How do you know if a medical transcription company is reliable? Sign up for a free trial offer and then decide!

Healthcare industry requires constant innovation to meet the ever-rising challenges of the industry. Among other technology advancements, the need for medical transcription services has raised the competition in the market. While many healthcare practitioners prefer taking the help of co-workers to get the audios transformed into text documents, it can become the reason for several problems later. Instead of assigning the transcription work to the professionals in your administration department, hiring online medical transcription services is way more advantageous.

Key Reasons

Take a look at the following reasons for why it is time you should outsource online medical transcription services.

Less expertise: Professionals either in administration or accounts department do not have the knowledge or expertise of transcribing documents. On the other hand, dedicated professionals in a transcription company have proven experience in their field to do full justice to their jobs.

Infrastructure: Whether you work at a healthcare facility or are an independent healthcare professional, you will need to set up proper infrastructure that can cost too much. On the contrary, hiring the services of a medical transcription service provider will not require any of this. Since transcription companies already have the required setup, you need to pay only for the hired services.

Costly affair: Setting up infrastructure, hiring full-time transcribers, and other such things can make direct hire a costly affair. On the other hand, outsourcing your transcription requirements to a renowned transcription company eliminates the need for all of this.

Lack of quality and accuracy: Healthcare practitioners don’t have an option to settle for transcribed documents with average accuracy. Since physicians may refer to these documents while diagnosing or treating patients, they need to be sure about the accuracy. Hiring online medical transcription services from a prominent company ensures you won’t need to compromise on quality ever.

Delayed turnaround time: Since dedicated transcription companies have various teams of transcribers, they stay true to their commitment of delivering documents in time. Irrespective of the time zone of your country, you can expect to receive the transcribed documents within 24 hours or stipulated duration.

Security and confidentiality: Though some healthcare providers assume that only in-house professionals can be trusted fully to receive the transcription results, it’s usually the opposite. Professional service providing companies strictly abide by the privacy and security regulations to stay true to their brand value.

All these reasons show the real importance of outsourcing your transcribing needs to professional companies.

The market is full of smart speech recognition tools that professionals can use for transcriptional uses. Siri and Alexa have quickly dominated the living rooms of people across the world.

Even though these tools are being used at such a large level, why do journalists and transcription professionals have to suffer? While these automated transcription tools have existed for years, their reliability isn’t the best. As per a Microsoft study, even the most sophisticated speech recognition software has an error rate of 6%.

Need for Transcription Providers

As compared to other industries, transcription services have become an integral part of the healthcare industry. Since there is no scope for errors in the healthcare industry, medical transcription providers offer the best solution. While managing a team of transcriptionists in-house can be a big challenge, medical transcription outsourcing is the best solution in a number of ways.

Benefits of hiring online medical transcription services

Reliability: Professionals offering online medical transcription services have in-depth knowledge and experience in handling medical transcription efficiently. Handing over transcription work to random people isn’t the best idea especially when dedicated professionals can offer reliable services without fail.

Time-saving: Since doctors, nurses, and other support staff in healthcare facilities have specific duties to carry out, they don’t have time to maintain records of patients. They are required to diagnose, treat, and take care of patients and grow knowledge simultaneously. Medical transcription outsourcing professionals can help save time in maintaining patient records for future references.

Custom turnaround time: Generally, medical transcription providers have a quick turnaround time for offering transcribed document. However, you can also expect a custom turnaround time in order to get transcribed medical records within your specified time.

Superior quality: Professional transcribers have a rich knowledge of the latest, as well as traditional medical terminologies, which helps them in delivering accurate documents. They help in delivering documents in accordance with HIPAA standards to meet the expectations.

Perfectionism: There is no margin for errors in the field of medical transcription as it can lead to blunders at the end of healthcare professionals. Referring to incorrect documents can result in incorrect treatment and even death. Qualified and experienced transcribers leave no scope for mistakes and deliver medical records with perfection.

Imagination: Though the healthcare industry is a fact-based field, it is important to have the imagination to catch a possible discrepancy. For example, while typing an operative report, the transcriber should be able to visualize the tools that the provider is using and the events that are taking place during the procedure. In many cases, imagination improves accuracy and also helps single out an inconsistency.

Medical transcriptionists have an important role to play in the healthcare delivery system. Though they have little to do with direct patient care, healthcare documentation helps in efficient functioning of the industry.

When it comes to health care providers, medical transcription services ensure that patients can be diagnosed and treated in the best manner. Using online medical transcription services, you can minimize the errors and improve the accuracy of healthcare records.

Need for medical transcription

  • Medical records help doctors and other healthcare professionals in assessing the current condition of patients. Apart from this, these records are also important for deciding the course of treatment and evaluating the condition in case of a relapse or development of related healthcare complications.
  • Since healthcare providers from various disciplines of medicine may need to treat a patient, medical transcriptions facilitate the flow of information between doctors. All doctors can refer to the healthcare documents and provide the patient with the right treatment.
  • As nurses and other support staff need to take care of patients, they can understand the warning signs, the drugs to administer, and samples to take for testing by hiring medical transcription services online.

Key Services

As compared to other countries, medical transcription in India has been quite popular for a number of reasons. Since transcription professionals are hired for a lesser amount in the country, you can expect reasonably priced medical transcription services online. Here are the key service areas of medical transcription companies.

  • Cardiology Medical Transcription
  • Medical Transcription For Dentist
  • Dermatology Medical Transcription
  • Nephrology Medical Transcription
  • Neurology Medical Transcription
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Transcription
  • Psychology Medical Transcription
  • Radiology Medical Transcription
  • Surgery Medical Transcription

The transcription process

Dictation is the first step of sourcing online medical transcription services, for which you can consider any of the following options.

  • Smartphone App: You can install a voice recording app in your smartphone to dictate and transfer the dictation securely to the transcription company.
  • Digital recorders: You can also use a hand-held digital recorder and transfer the files through a company’s FTP site.
  • Toll-free telephone dictation: Some companies offering medical transcription in India provide their clients with toll-free numbers to record the dictation over the telephone for easy recording experience.

Once the dictation process is over, clients are assigned their own transcribers to ensure they understand client-specific requirements and proceed accordingly. Once the transcribed documents are ready, quality analysts check every document to ensure quality isn’t compromised at any level. Depending on a company’s services and the requirements of a client, the transcribed documents can be delivered either in simple MS Word, simple text or into the client’s EMR/EHR system.

Medical transcription services are highly demanded in the healthcare sector all over the world. The healthcare sector has started relying on the professionals who provide quality transcription service for documenting various types of medical reports. There are numerous recognized transcription companies in this field, who deliver quality reports. IME transcription provides services for various specialties including cardiology, microbiology, neurology, sports medicine and other. The professionals offer cost-effective services at the price of 6 cents per line.

It is true that unclear handwritings are often mistaken or decoded incorrectly by nurse or office staff, which can create a problem. In order to avoid any such type of blunder, online medical transcription services provider is chosen by the hospitals, clinics, and other medical offices to make correct transcription without any mistake. Clear and correct transcription is not only important for the practitioners but also proves beneficial for insurance companies and other medical organizations. With medical transcription service, it has become easier for nurse or hospital staff to identify the document easily unlike before and help avoid any type of error that was made earlier.

Today, almost every hospital, doctors in private practices, and medical offices across the world rely on online medical transcription services because of the quick turn-around time. The service providers have a dedicated team of transcribers and editors who ensure reliable and specific formatting as per the requirement of the client. In addition, the professionals also provide a defined format or template with no additional cost.

It is very important for the hospitals and doctors to choose a reliable medical transcription service provider who can keep the confidential documents safe without leaking any information. While choosing an IME transcription service provider, you should ensure if the company works in compliance with HIPAA and handle the records of patients with immense care. The service provider is a completely secure online platform for doctors and companies to access, review, edit and mail their transcription report anytime they need.

Furthermore, most of the IME transcription companies offer a 7-day free trial to clients providing them with a golden opportunity to test the quality of work and competence offered by the service provider.

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